Monday, 5 January 2015

Why it is more Important to be Kind than to be Right


Some people believe "honesty is the best policy", which in most cases is true. Some people, though, use that information in a hurtful way and then throw it in your face if you get upset. Then they add insult to injury, by saying they were just being honest!  If you really care for people, you don't do that.

There are kinder ways to give pointers to someone and remain truthful. Pause before responding. Think about how you can say something in a way that respects the other person's feelings. Some people are more sensitive than others. It is easier to communicate face to face where body language can be read. How many relationships are ruined by texting in anger and haste, where messages are often misunderstood? If you have to rely on emails or texts, at least take the time to clarify meaning.  

Then are the soapbox people that have to rant and voice their opinion. Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, just don't expect everyone to agree with you. Publicly humiliating someone, on Google+ for example, even when you feel wronged and in the right, is never OK. Then blocking the person, so they don't have a chance to defend themselves, is just plain nasty!

It all comes down to being respectful and having good manners. I am sometimes guilty of foot-in-the-mouth disease because I want to be honest. I was raised in an environment where much criticism was offered and it is still an 
ongoing thing in my family.

I want to break that habit in my own life, especially being kind to the people I love. I once read that you should treat family, loved ones, like company. Often we treat those closest to us poorly, with unkind remarks, because we think we can get away with it. Even if someone is rude to you, rise above it, don't take it personally and choose to be kind! Sometimes the best thing is to say is nothing at all, just listen.