Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Getting off of the DIEt Roller Coaster

Setting the Stage
My Personal Struggle with Body Image Part I

When I was born, my mother was told that I was underweight. Mom took this seriously and made sure that I put on weight before the next doctor's assessment. She didn't know anything about fat cells and how the rapid growth of these cells during infancy might doom your child to a struggle with life long weight control. It didn't help that in those days a chubby baby was considered cute, even healthier. Since I was bottle fed, overfeeding me was easy. Apparently, I liked eating from the get go. 

                                         My earliest baby photo was at taken 8 months. 

The next at 14 months. Apparently my parents were very busy with my older brother.

Fortunately, I grew out of that baby fat because I was a very active child. I loved to ride my tricycle and run around in general. Here is me, at the far right, a normal weight at age 6. My German country Oma next to me, would play a crucial part in my 50 year love/hate relationship with food. In the coming blogs I will talk about how obesity affected my self confidence and ultimately led to a multitude of diets and eating disorders. 

Were you a chubby, overweight baby? Did you have problems with overeating and weight control as a result? Please feel free to leave a comment.